Waterpower Week, 8-10 May, Washington D.C 

This event offers an annual chance for those working in the North American hydro industry to concentrate on the regulatory, policy, market, and legislative elements of their job. It also offers the chance to listen to and network with other stakeholders who impact the industry, such as regulators, resource agencies, and river and environmental communities. 

Hydropower Engineering, 1 June, Glasgow, Scotland

The upcoming event will delve into various technical aspects of the hydropower industry, encompassing its current status, new opportunities from a developer's viewpoint, and emerging technologies from a manufacturer's standpoint. Additionally, the event will provide a platform to discuss the primary challenges associated with realizing these opportunities. The seminar will cover a range of topics, including small and large-scale hydro, both within the UK and internationally, and will also address the challenges associated with marine and freshwater hydro forms. To ensure the event remains pertinent to the future of the global energy mix, large-scale hydro and pumped storage will also be given prominence.

ICOLD Annual Meeting 2023, 11-15 June, Gothenburg, Sweden 

The National Committee of Sweden, SwedCOLD, will host the 91st Annual Meeting of ICOLD. Multiple study tours will be available, as well as a cultural evening and technical excursion. SwedCOLD is also organizing a special symposium as part of ICOLD 2023 with the theme "Management for Safe Dams". The aim of this symposium is to share knowledge from case studies, technological advancements, and innovations to enhance the safety of dams and levees and their associated infrastructure.

Sustainability in Hydropower 2023, 13-15 June, Trondheim, Norway

This event will have a theme of Ecological Mitigation, Best Practices, and Governance and will include engaging discussions on improving the environmental sustainability of the hydropower industry from the perspective of the EU Water Framework Directive, sustainable finance taxonomy, and the UN Sustainability Goals. The conference aims to foster discussions and promote exemplary cases of ecologically designed hydropower, identify sustainability challenges and strategies for good governance, and build networks to address the ongoing nature crisis in hydropower development

Hydropower Central Asia and Caspian, 21-22 June, Astana, Kazakhstan

The 7th Annual International Congress and Exhibition: Hydropower Central Asia and Caspian serves as a professional platform for business and government officials to share their experiences and collaborate on successful investment projects related to the construction and modernization of hydropower plants in the region. The participating countries include Tajikistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan.

Africa 2023, 10-12 July, Uganda

This event will gather global experts in water storage and hydropower development to focus on addressing Africa's challenges in the fields of water storage and hydropower development. The conference will include topics such as cross-border collaboration for transboundary schemes, challenging sites and climate resilience, capacity building, and training. These topics have consistently been of great importance in past discussions.

HydroVision International 2023, 11-13 July, Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Over 2500 power producers, utilities, consultants, and hydroelectric power professionals gather at HydroVision International from over 40 countries to explore novel solutions and network with industry colleagues. The conference and exhibition provide education, information, products, and services pertaining to various aspects such as Operations and Maintenance, Civil Works and Dam Safety, Policies and Regulations, Equipment and Technology, Market Trends and Asset Strategies, and more, which are delivered by experts, thought leaders, and innovators from the industry.

TKZ 2023 – XX Technical Dam Control International Conference, 12-15 September, Chorzów, Poland + Online  

The Technical Dam Control International Conference TKZ'2023 is organized every two years. The 20th jubilee edition of the TKZ'2023 will be held in a hybrid formula – stationary in Chorzów (Poland) and online via a streaming platform. The main topic of the conference is "Safety of hydraulic structures". Participants will have the opportunity to take a technical tour of the GoczaƂkowice reservoir. The conference is an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge and experience among specialists in designing, constructing and exploiting hydraulic structures.

Hydro 2023, 16-18 October, Edinburgh, Scotland 

With the theme of ‘New ideas for proven resources’, the event will bring together the global hydropower community to facilitate the exchange of practical experiences, foster the adoption of best practices, and collectively contribute towards the advancement of hydro development in regions where it is needed the most. The event focus on exploring potential and development plans, adapting to new challenges, ensuring safety and operational efficiency, and environmental protection, among various other topics. The technical exhibition running concurrently with the conference will showcase the latest advancements in hydro technology and engineering, with a wide range of products and services on display.

Ancold 2023, 24-27 October, Cairns, QLD, Australia 

The theme for this year's event, "Dams: a Critical Resource," offers valuable insights into the significance of these structures for our collective well-being and prosperity. Dams play a crucial role in sustaining humanity, whether viewed from the perspective of water supply, energy production, or minerals processing. The event will delve into these critical functions, covering the entire asset lifecycle from design, construction to operational management. For the first time, there will be a full-day workshop followed by three days of technical sessions, providing attendees with ample opportunities to gain knowledge and learn from eminent industry authorities. Alongside the informative sessions, a splendid social program is scheduled to make the event a highlight on the calendar of all dam professionals for 2023.

World Hydropower Congress, 31 October – 2 November, Bali, Indonesia 

This event is poised to be a catalyst for translating climate ambitions into action at the highest level. With over 1000 decision-makers, innovators, and experts from diverse sectors such as industry, finance, civil society, government, and academia expected to attend, the Congress will serve as a platform for high-level policy statements, recommendations, and commitments that will shape the future of sustainable hydropower on a global scale.

As a premier global event for decision-makers within and outside the hydropower industry, the Congress goes beyond being a mere platform for discussion. In 2023, it will deliver tangible results, including: establishing policy and finance recommendations to advance the clean energy transition to deliver COP28; breaking down barriers to renewable development through policy and investment-driven solutions; showcasing how complementary renewable technologies can fast-track the shift away from coal; highlighting the untapped potential of hydropower in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia and Africa

With over 200 high-level speakers from government, industry, finance, research, and civil society participating in more than 30 sessions, key issues such as clean energy security and flexibility, climate mitigation and adaptation, water-energy-food nexus, best practices for sustainability, and policy and finance will be discussed.