Dr. Denis Aelbrecht
A prominent figure in hydropower, Dr. Denis Aelbrecht serves as Head of Technology at EDF Hydro Engineering Center and President of CFBR. With expertise in design, maintenance, and risk management, he has played pivotal roles in hydraulics engineering globally, notably at EDF in France and EPRI in the US.

Shannon Ames
Executive Director of the Low Impact Hydropower Institute, Ames brings extensive experience in environmental and energy legislation, project management, and nonprofit management. She has contributed significantly to the success of LIHI, previously serving in roles with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group and the Massachusetts environment and natural resources committee.

Karen Atkinson
Global Executive Director of Dams & Hydropower, Atkinson possesses over two decades of experience as a Civil Engineer, notably with Stantec and SMEC. With a focus on the Asia Pacific region, she has been instrumental in shaping the industry’s landscape, contributing to iconic projects like Snowy 2.0 in Australia.

Lamu Audu
Managing Director/CEO of Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited (MESL), Audu boasts over 25 years of experience in the West African hydropower industry. Under his leadership, MESL has undergone significant transformation, doubling its capacity and contributing substantially to the National Grid’s energy supply. Recognized for best practices in O&M, Audu’s advocacy extends to championing West Africa’s alignment with international standards in hydropower operations.

Elias Baptista
Baptista is an Engineering Specialist with VULCAN/VALE Mozambique and General Secretary of MozCOD/CMB, and is recognized for his expertise in geotechnical engineering, particularly in dam safety. With a background in civil engineering and a master’s degree in Geotechnical and Seismic Engineering, Baptista has contributed significantly to engineering projects and research, notably focusing on the hydro-mechanical behavior of compacted clayey silt with applications in dams and earthworks.

Gilbert Bennett
The current President at WaterPower Canada, Bennett is a recognized leader in renewable electricity and energy transition. With two decades of experience, he has played pivotal roles in the development of major projects like the Muskrat Falls project while serving with Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. Bennett’s advocacy for hydropower’s contribution to the economy and energy security, coupled with his engineering background and leadership within WaterPower Canada, solidify his influence in the sector.

Liza Bensasson
Bensasson, Vice President (Europe Zone) at ICOLD-CIGB and Environment & Water Resources Director at ENM SA Consulting Engineers, is a prominent figure in promoting safer and sustainable dams globally. With over 30 years of experience in water resources, hydraulics, and environmental protection, Bensasson’s leadership within ICOLD and her contributions to hydraulic works design and supervision underscore her commitment to advancing water resource development while ensuring environmental and social benefits.

Dr. Fatih Birol
The Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has been instrumental in leading global efforts towards international climate goals and energy security. Recognized as one of the world’s most influential people in energy, Birol’s leadership at the IEA has positioned the organization at the forefront of clean energy transitions, garnering accolades and state decorations for his contributions to the field.

Frank Borg
Senior Hydropower Engineer at SMEC Australia, Borg has made significant contributions to the industry, particularly in Australia and South-East Asia. With expertise honed over decades, Borg has been involved in iconic projects like the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme and the Champagne Hydroelectric Scheme in Mauritius. His mentorship and dedication to advancing hydropower engineering have left a lasting impact on projects across the region.

Hermod Brekke
Professor Emeritus Dr. Tech at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Brekke is renowned for his research in hydro turbine design and renewable integration for hydropower. As a founding member of the IHA, Brekke’s contributions to advancing hydropower technology, particularly in developing countries, have been substantial.

Nadia Calviño
President of the European Investment Bank, Calviño brings over 30 years of experience in public policy, economics, and finance to her role. With a distinguished career in both the Spanish government and the European Commission, Calviño’s leadership and expertise position her as a key figure in shaping Europe’s investment priorities, including initiatives related to renewable energy and infrastructure development.

Fatih Yurthan Çevik
Çevik is a distinguished civil engineer renowned for his expertise in dam projects, notably in Turkey. With over 24 years of experience, he has played pivotal roles in prestigious ventures such as the Yusufeli Dam, showcasing his innovative insights and leadership. As CEO of Limak-Al Ayuni JV, he oversees futuristic NEOM projects in Saudi Arabia, exemplifying visionary leadership and forward-thinking approaches. Çevik’s influence extends globally as a co-opted member of the ICOLD Committee on Concrete Dams, contributing to the advancement of dam engineering standards.

Tammy Chu
Interim Executive General Manager Construction at Hydro Tasmania, Chu is a significant figure in the hydroelectric sector, boasting a diverse career in technical expertise, project management, and business development. Chu’s contributions span from design and construction to feasibility studies and environmental assessments. Her leadership and comprehensive understanding make her a driving force in advancing innovation and sustainability in hydropower projects.

Ronald A. Corso
Corso played a principal role in developing FERC’s licensing regulations and policies, contributing to the regulatory framework of dam safety. As an author and expert in hydropower issues, he has made significant contributions to the industry’s governance and safety standards.

João Costa
The Executive Director of the Hydropower Sustainability Alliance is dedicated to advancing sustainability principles in the energy transition. With expertise in international development projects and sustainability certification systems, Costa fosters high-level engagement to embed sustainability in energy sector practices and regulations.

João Duarte Cunha
Head of Division at the African Development Bank, Cunha has championed renewable energy initiatives and climate finance in Africa. Recognized for his leadership in sustainable development, Cunha’s contributions have earned international recognition, positioning AfDB as a leader in renewable energy finance.

James Dalton
Director of the Global Water Programme at IUCN, Dalton focuses on advancing water governance and management for people and nature. With extensive experience in water management across multiple regions, Dalton’s expertise contributes to global efforts in sustainable water resource management.

Dr. Malcolm Dunstan
Dunstan, a pioneer in roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dams, has significantly influenced dam construction practices worldwide. With involvement in numerous RCC dam projects and leadership roles in ICOLD committees, Dunstan’s expertise has shaped the state-of-the-art in dam engineering.

Joana Freitas
Freitas, Executive Board Member of EDP Generation, drives innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. With a career spanning infrastructure operations, finance, and consultancy, Freitas’s leadership in decarbonization initiatives and gender-balanced leadership advocacy reflects her commitment to driving positive change.

Ignacio Sánchez Galán
Galán, as Executive Chairman of Iberdrola, has played a pivotal role in the company’s international expansion and commitment to electrification for emissions reduction. Under his leadership, Iberdrola has invested significantly in renewable energies, smart grids, energy storage, and green hydrogen, positioning it as a leader in the European electricity market and one of the largest globally. Galán’s emphasis on environmental protection and social responsibility has earned Iberdrola recognition in sustainability indices and corporate governance practices.

Will Gardiner
The CEO of Drax Group has been instrumental in developing the company’s low-carbon, customer-focused strategy, and is pushing for pumped storage development in the UK. With a background in finance and technology, Gardiner provides leadership in implementing Drax Group’s business strategy, emphasizing stakeholder management and external relationships.

Kate Gilmartin
The CEO of the British Hydropower Association is a prominent advocate for the hydropower industry, emphasizing its role in achieving net zero emissions and enhancing energy security in the UK. With a strong educational background and extensive voluntary work in renewable energy organizations, Gilmartin’s vision encompasses leveraging hydropower and other renewable energy technologies to meet national sustainability goals.

Lynn Good
Chair, President, and CEO of Duke Energy, Good leads one of America’s largest energy holding companies with a focus on serving customers and communities while transitioning to a cleaner energy future. Good’s leadership has driven Duke Energy’s aggressive clean energy strategy, aiming for significant carbon reduction and net-zero emissions by 2050.

Chris Goodell
Goodell, Principal Consultant for Hydraulics and Hydrology at Kleinschmidt Associates, is recognized for his outstanding contributions to hydraulic engineering. With expertise in water resources hydraulic engineering and software development, Goodell is an internationally recognized leader in HEC-RAS modeling and risk-based solutions for hydraulic challenges.

James L. Gordon (1931-2023)
A distinguished figure in hydroelectric engineering, Gordon was known for his contributions to dam engineering and his extensive career spanning over 60 years. Gordon’s achievements include numerous awards for his excellence in engineering, pioneering formulas in hydroelectric engineering, and his dedication to advancing dam construction practices worldwide.

Professor Philippe Gourbesville
The President of the International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) is a leading figure in hydroinformatics and water engineering. With extensive experience in research and education, Gourbesville’s contributions have advanced hydro-environmental modeling and crisis management practices.

Elon Hägg
Vice President and Global Head of Hydro at AFRY, Hägg leads a global team with significant expertise in hydro engineering services. Hägg helps drives innovation and sustainability in the energy transition, supporting clients worldwide in achieving their renewable energy goals.

Ken Hanson
An engineering consultant with extensive experience in RCC and soil-cement dam construction, Hanson has made significant contributions to dam engineering practices. Hanson’s enthusiasm and creative efforts have advanced RCC and soil-cement state-of-the-practice, leading to improved design and construction techniques for concrete dams.

Joerg Hartmann
Hartmann is an independent consultant who specializes in sustainable water and energy management and development. With a background in development economics and fluency in multiple languages, Hartmann provides valuable advice on economic, financial, social, and governance issues related to water and energy projects worldwide.

Richard Herweynen
A respected technical advisor in the hydropower and dams industry, Herweynen boasts over 30 years of experience in consulting. His expertise encompasses dams, hydropower, and pumped storage, with a focus on projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Herweynen’s leadership roles on various dams and hydropower projects demonstrate his deep knowledge and experience in the field.

Dina Hunt
President of the US Society on Dams (USSD), Hunt is a dedicated advocate for dam safety and seismic engineering. With a background in civil and geotechnical engineering, Hunt’s leadership within USSD reflects her commitment to advancing the industry and promoting safety standards for dams.

Professor Feng Jin
Jin’s invention of the rock-filled concrete dam represents a significant advancement in infrastructure development. His innovative design showcases resilience and sustainability, contributing to the safety and security of communities downstream.

Gord Johnston
Johnston, President and CEO of Stantec, brings over 30 years of experience in infrastructure projects to his role. Committed to sustainable growth and client management, Johnston’s leadership at Stantec prioritizes community building and climate action, aligning with the firm’s values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Marius Jonker
With over 33 years of experience in dams and hydropower projects, Jonker, Aurecon’s Dams Capability Leader, is driven by a passion for bringing ideas to life and co-creating a better future for people and the planet.

Han Jun
Serving as President of China Three Gorges Corporation, Jun holds a key position in advancing China’s hydropower initiatives, contributing significantly to the country’s energy landscape.

Pravin Karki
As the Global Lead for Hydropower & Dams at the World Bank Group, Karki is dedicated to enhancing productivity in hydropower projects through digital delivery and promoting sustainability across technical, environmental, social, and economic aspects.

Julie Keil (1957-2015)
Keil’s legacy as a champion for hydropower and renewable energy technology continues to inspire. Through her leadership, courage, and negotiation skills, she fostered collaboration within the hydropower community, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. The Hydropower Foundation honors her memory with the Julie Keil Scholarship, celebrating women who embody her qualities of leadership and dedication.

Dr. Tobias Keitel
The CEO and President of Voith Hydro, Keitel is a key figure in the global hydropower industry. Under his leadership, Voith Hydro has solidified its position as a leading supplier of hydroelectric equipment and services, driving innovation and sustainability in the sector.

Dr. Ashok Khosla
President of the Hydropower Sustainability Alliance, Khosla is a renowned authority on environmental sustainability. With extensive experience in global environmental governance, Khosla’s leadership promotes sustainable development practices in the hydropower industry.

Michel Lino
With decades of experience in dam engineering and hydraulic developments, Lino offers international expertise in advising project owners on hydraulics and hydroelectricity. His diverse experience and numerous publications reflect his commitment to advancing dam design and hydraulic engineering practices globally.

Gil Maranhão Neto
Neto, as the Chief Strategy, Communications, and CSR Officer at Engie Brasil, has been instrumental in shaping the Brazilian electricity sector for over two decades. Neto has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth, particularly in communications and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Armando Martínez
The CEO of Iberdrola brings over 25 years of experience in the energy sector to his role. His tenure at Iberdrola, spanning various leadership positions, demonstrates his expertise in managing energy businesses globally. With a background in industrial engineering and management, Martínez’s leadership has contributed to Iberdrola’s success.

Bayardo Materón
Materón is a consulting engineer specializing in rockfill dams and hydropower construction methods. He has made significant contributions to the field since the completion of the Alto Anchicayá CFR dam in 1974. As President of the International Society of CFRD’s, Materón’s expertise and leadership have been instrumental in advancing dam engineering practices globally.

Ivan Monteiro
The CEO of Electrobras, brings a wealth of experience in finance and leadership to his role. Monteiro’s career spans various executive positions in finance and energy companies. His leadership at Electrobras demonstrates his commitment to driving growth and sustainability in energy.

Professor Emil Mosonyi (1910-2009)
A member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor Mosonyi was renowned for his documentation of European hydro design, notably in his reference text Water Power Development. He held leading positions in various Hungarian national organizations related to irrigation and water power development, and lectured at numerous universities. As a consultant, he contributed to hydro power and water resources projects across Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and Australasia. He is the founding president of the International Hydropower Association.

Chris O’Riley
Leading BC Hydro, Chris O’Riley oversees the provision of reliable, affordable, and clean electricity to millions of customers in British Columbia. O’Riley has spent over three decades at BC Hydro, holding various roles and contributing to the organization’s growth and sustainability initiatives. His leadership is instrumental in driving the refurbishment and expansion of electricity assets, including Site C.

Anton-Louis Olivier
As Chair of the International Hydropower Association and CEO of Serengeti Energy, Anton-Louis Olivier brings over 25 years of experience in renewable energy to his role. Olivier’s leadership at Serengeti Energy has been marked by innovation and growth, building on his previous success as the founder of the REH Group, a key player in hydropower development in Southern Africa. With a focus on driving sustainable energy solutions, Olivier continues to make significant contributions to the global hydropower sector.

Giorgio Pietrangeli
With a remarkable 63-year tenure in dams and hydropower, Giorgio Pietrangeli stands as a legendary figure in the field. As the Founder and Technical Director of Studio Pietrangeli, he continues to lead with unparalleled expertise and innovation. Pietrangeli’s engineering prowess is evident in his oversight of numerous dams and hydroelectric plants worldwide, including iconic projects like the GERD in Ethiopia and the Gibe III dam. Renowned for his dedication to mentorship and innovative solutions, Pietrangeli’s influence extends far beyond his professional achievements, shaping the future of dam engineering and hydroelectric power.

Odile Renaud-Basso’s
Renaud-Basso’s presidency at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) marks a significant milestone as she is the first woman to lead a multilateral development bank. With her background in overseeing France’s economic policies and her extensive experience in European and international financial affairs, trade policies, and financial regulation, Renaud-Basso brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her leadership at EBRD underscores her commitment to promoting sustainable development and fostering economic growth in the regions the bank serves.

Frederic Ribieras
Ribieras is the CEO of GE Vernova’s Hydro Power business. His leadership in driving innovation and sustainability in the hydro power sector is crucial for meeting global energy needs while minimizing environmental impact. With GE Vernova’s expertise and Ribieras’s guidance, the company continues to play a vital role in advancing clean energy solutions.

Eddie Rich
Rich’s role as the Chief Executive of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) highlights his dedication to promoting sustainable hydropower practices globally. Under his leadership, the IHA has become a driving force in advancing hydropower sustainability standards and fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders. Rich’s extensive experience in international development and governance positions him as a key advocate for clean energy solutions.

Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal
Ringstad Vartdal’s appointment as CEO of Statkraft underscores her leadership and expertise in the energy sector. With her background in physics, mathematics, and financial mathematics, she brings a unique skill set to her role. Her previous experience in leading Statkraft’s business areas and serving on the boards of prominent companies positions her well to drive the company’s growth and sustainability initiatives.

Gabriel dos Santos Cruz Rocha
Rocha’s role as the Global Hydropower Lead for Worley showcases his expertise in hydropower engineering and project management. With his extensive experience in leading hydropower projects across the globe, Rocha plays a crucial role in advancing sustainable energy solutions. His commitment to sustainable hydropower and his advocacy for environmental and social responsibility make him a valuable asset to Worley and the hydropower industry as a whole.

Michael Sabia
Sabia ‘s presidency at Hydro Québec demonstrates his leadership and strategic vision in the energy sector. With his background in finance and extensive experience in leading prominent organizations, Sabia brings valuable insights to his role. His commitment to innovation and sustainability positions Hydro Québec to continue driving growth and providing clean, reliable energy to its customers.

Pietro Salini
Salini’s tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of Webuild S.p.A. reflects his leadership and strategic acumen in the infrastructure sector. Under his guidance, Webuild has transformed into an international leader in infrastructure development. Salini’s commitment to sustainability and innovation underscores the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality projects that meet the evolving needs of communities worldwide.

Russ Sanford
Sanford’s election to the Hydropower Foundation’s Board of Directors recognizes his leadership and contributions to the hydropower sector. His dedication to advancing clean energy education and workforce development is essential for ensuring the industry’s future sustainability. Sanford’s passion for environmental stewardship and his commitment to nurturing young talent make him a valuable advocate for the industry. He is currently Chief Growth Officer at Kleinschmidt.

Frédéric Sauze
Sauze’s role as an Executive Board Member of Andritz Group and CEO of Andritz Hydro GmbH highlights his leadership in advancing global hydropower solutions. With his focus on sustainability and collaboration across renewable energy sectors, Sauze plays a crucial role in driving innovation and growth in the hydropower industry.

Anton Schleiss
Schleiss’ contributions to hydraulic engineering and dam construction are widely recognized, reflecting his leadership and expertise in the field. His extensive research and academic achievements have advanced the science and practice of hydraulic engineering. Schleiss’s leadership roles in professional organizations demonstrate his commitment to advancing the industry and fostering collaboration.

Gia Schneider
Schneider’s role as CEO of Natel Energy underscores her commitment to finding innovative solutions at the intersection of energy, water, climate, and agriculture. Her focus on clean and renewable energy, coupled with her expertise in marketing, business development, and environmental policy, positions Natel Energy as a key player in advancing sustainable energy.

Alberto Maria Scuero
Scuero’s extensive experience in the design and construction of waterproofing systems for hydraulic structures demonstrates his expertise in ensuring the safety and integrity of dams, canals, reservoirs, and pressure tunnels. As the Honorary President of Carpi Tech and an Honorary ICOLD Member, Scuero’s contributions to the field of hydraulic engineering have been invaluable, particularly in enhancing the durability and reliability of critical infrastructure projects.

Del Shannon
Shannon’s role as Chief Dam Engineer at Kiewit Engineering Group highlights his expertise in designing and constructing dam and water resources projects. With his accolades from the US Society on Dams and the Association of State Dam Safety Officials, Shannon’s leadership in the dam engineering field is widely recognized. His commitment to excellence and safety underscores his contributions to the industry.

Quentin Shaw
With a specialization in roller-compacted concrete (RCC) and concrete dams, Shaw is a leading expert in dam engineering. With his extensive experience and numerous technical papers on dam engineering, Shaw has made significant contributions to the field, particularly in RCC dam design, materials, and construction logistics. His leadership roles in professional organizations further demonstrate his commitment to advancing dam engineering practices.

Erik Solheim
Solheim’s presidency of the Belt and Road Green Development Initiative reflects his global leadership on environmental and development issues. With his extensive experience as a UN diplomat, politician, and peace negotiator, Solheim brings a unique perspective to sustainable development initiatives. His advocacy for sustainable hydropower underscores the importance of balancing environmental and energy needs in infrastructure.

Michael Strugl
Strugl’s leadership as Chairman of the Managing Board of Verbund AG and President of Austria’s Energy Industry representative body demonstrates his commitment to advancing clean energy. With Verbund’s focus on hydropower generation, Strugl plays a crucial role in driving Austria’s transition to renewable energy. His leadership at the World Energy Council Austria further underscores his influence in shaping energy policy.

Dr. Óli Sveinsson
The Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Landsvirkjun has expertise in advancing renewable energy projects, particularly in Iceland. With his background in physics and civil engineering, Sveinsson brings a multidisciplinary approach to energy innovation. His contributions to the International Hydropower Association further demonstrate his commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions globally.

Sharon Tapia
Tapia’s presidency of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials underscores her dedication to improving dam safety and lowering the risk of dam failures. With the mission of fostering a unified dam safety community, Tapia plays a vital role in promoting education and support for state dam safety programs.

Jean-Pierre Tournier
Tournier is a highly respected figure in the hydroelectric power industry, known for his extensive career in civil engineering and management. With notable contributions to hydroelectric developments in Quebec and recognized technical expertise, he has earned prestigious honors such as the EIC Fellowship for his significant achievements.

Malcolm Turnbull
Turnbull’s presidency of the International Hydropower Association and co-chairmanship of the International Forum on Pumped Storage Hydropower highlight his leadership in advancing sustainable energy solutions. With his political experience and focus on renewable energy, Turnbull’s advocacy for hydropower underscores its importance in the global energy transition.

Jessica Uhl
In her role as president of GE Vernova, Uhl demonstrates her leadership in driving innovation and growth in the energy sector. With her background in finance and extensive experience in energy businesses, Uhl brings valuable insights to her role. Her commitment to achieving a sustainable energy system underscores GE Vernova’s dedication to advancing clean energy.

Emmanuelle Verger-Chabot
Verger-Chabot ‘s role as CEO of EDF Hydro showcases her leadership in the hydroelectric power sector. With her background in finance and extensive experience at EDF, Verger-Chabot plays a crucial role in managing hydroelectric projects and advancing renewable energy initiatives.

Michel de Vivo
As Secretary General of CIGB-ICOLD, de Vivo is able to demonstrate his expertise in large dam construction and management. With his experience in dam reconstruction projects and his involvement in international organizations, de Vivo plays a crucial role in promoting best practices and safety standards in dam engineering.

Jochem Weber
Weber’s role as chief engineer of NREL’s Water Power Program highlights his dedication to advancing research and technology development in ocean wave energy. With his expertise in mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics, Weber plays a crucial role in developing innovative solutions for renewable energy generation.

Dr. Martin Wieland
As chairman of the ICOLD Committee on Seismic Aspects of Dam Design, Wieland regularly shares his expertise in addressing seismic challenges in dam engineering. With his involvement in international projects and dedication to advancing dam safety, Wieland contributes to the development of resilient infrastructure worldwide.

Malcolm Woolf
Woolf’s presidency of the National Hydropower Association underscores his leadership in promoting hydropower as a clean and renewable energy source. With his background in energy policy and advocacy, Woolf plays a crucial role in shaping the regulatory landscape and advancing hydropower projects in the US.

This listing has been compiled through an open call for nominations from a diverse cross-section of industry experts. It’s important to note that these influential figures are presented in alphabetical order, reflecting their collective impact on the hydropower sector. Your participation and engagement are vital to the continual evolution of our listings. If you have individuals in mind who deserve recognition in future editions, we encourage you to reach out to our editor, Carrieann Stocks, at carrieann.stocks@progressivemediainternational.com.