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COP26: a pledge to cut global methane emissions

Leaders of 103 countries have signed a deal brokered by the EU and USA to reduce methane emissions by 30 % by the end of the decade. If fully implemented, the pledge could limit global warming by about 0.2 – 0.3 degC by 2050.

Edwardian hydro scheme re-commissioned in Scotland

A hydro scheme originally commissioned in 1908 has been put back into operation at the historic Blair Castle in Scotland thanks to an extensive refurbishment project.

Pumped storage: underground challenges

As Europe’s push for wind and solar drives pumped storage, part of the design and maintenance challenge for hydro lies underground. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Sound effects: the impact of marine renewables

A European study is investigating the environmental impacts of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions from marine renewables. Frank Thomsen from the DHI Group gives an insight into the new initiative.

Work continuing on Wanapum Dam spillway

Grant County PUD has said work is continuing around the clock on the 800ft (243.8m) long Wanapum Dam spillway in Washington State, US, to prepare for final reinforcing repairs, with plans to increase river elevation by the end of the year.

Thirsty energy

Energy usage and water shortages are not mutually exclusive problems and cannot be solved in isolation. To help mitigate the risks of the water-energy challenge facing countries around the globe, the World Bank has launched a new initiative which will enable governments to prepare for an uncertain future.

Pumped storage: the future in Germany

A recent study shows that pumped storage could reduce the need for new gas power plants in Germany and help with the integration of renewable energies from 2030.

The outside view: giving a clear picture of large dams?

Large hydroelectric dams are unviable and extremely damaging to emerging economies, the authors of a recent study from the University of Oxford claim. Although acknowledging the importance of accurately predicting project outcomes, members of the dam industry have expressed their concern about the study. This article gives an overview of the research. In a second article the industry has its say.

Oxford study on large dams: the right to reply

Members of the dam industry have expressed their concern about a recent study from the University of Oxford on large dams. They claim it is unrepresentative; questioning the methodology used and the subjective conclusions it makes. Here they have their say.

Hydropower: underground construction update

A number of water projects are currently under construction featuring extensive underground works. Carrieann Stocks provides an update of some of the major projects underway