Voith Hydro has announced that the largest runner it has ever produced in Latin America was this week shipped to the Belo Monte hydropower project in Brazil.

A 12-axle trailer left Voith Hydro’s manufacturing shop in Manaus, Brazil, transporting the 320 ton runner, which measures 8.5m in diameter and 5m tall. After a short trip of less than 20km by truck, the runner was loaded onto a heavy duty barge to travel a journey of 890km downstream towards the state of ParĂ¡, and the location of Belo Monte. The equipment is expected to arrive this month.

Under construction on the Xingu River, the 11.2GW Belo Monte hydropower is expected to be commissioned in 2019. Voith is contracted to deliver four Francis turbines, four generators, electrical and mechanical auxiliaries, as well as the automation system for the project, while also providing complete engineering.