Under the contract AECOM will offer all consultancy services for the management of the program, from the preliminary engineering works to the supervision of the emergency and long-term solutions against natural disasters, especially flooding.

“We are very excited to play the lead role in support of Jeddah’s infrastructure improvement plan,” said AECOM President and Chief Executive Officer John M. Dionisio. “This flood-control and wastewater program will enhance the quality of life for the city’s approximately 3.2 million residents.”

The tasks to be undertaken by AECOM include implementation of dams and other flood control barriers; constructing drainage canals and storm water reservoirs; resolving Jeddah’s most vulnerable flood points; preparing comprehensive studies for undeveloped areas, including environmental plans for the entire Jeddah governorate; implementing comprehensive infrastructure improvements to solve the sewerage problems in Jeddah; and establishing a disaster-management center for Makkah Province.

The program will be executed over the course of several years with the completion of the flood control improvements scheduled for 2013.