Albany Engineering Corporation (AEC) and Mavel, a.s. (Mavel) are to collaborate on the design, manufacture, and installation of new generating equipment for four hydroelectric power plants on the Hudson River in New York State, US.

The firms signed a Joint Manufacturing and Supply Agreement that covers seventeen identical 6MW hydroelectric turbines for the existing Green Island and Mechanicville Hydroelectric Projects and the proposed Thompson and Waterford Hydroelectric Projects.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Mavel will provide the equipment design and manufacture the turbine shafts and runners. AEC will fabricate the other turbine components according to Mavel’s design and perform the assembly, installation, and commissioning of the new units.

According to James A. Besha Sr., Chairman of AEC, “this approach will allow for installation of the best European technological design and equipment in these four hydroelectric projects while creating new local manufacturing jobs and providing more clean, renewable power in New York State.”

The collaboration is the result of Mavel and AEC’s joint efforts in exploring various alternatives for both equipment configuration and economies through a unique production partnership. “We selected Mavel because of its extensive experience in low head Kaplan installations throughout Europe and the sense of partnership that was evident from the very start of our discussions,” said Besha. “The Mavel team understood our need for a joint production effort to achieve target economies, and Mavel’s management has been very flexible in working with us to help to make it happen.”

Jeanne Hilsinger, Executive Chairman of Mavel, noted that the Agreement is a major step forward for Mavel in meeting its business objectives in the Americas. “Mavel is a well established turbine supplier in Europe and employs over 180 persons at its engineering and production facilities in the Czech Republic,” she said. “Mavel opened offices in Boston with the objectives of earning the same reputation it enjoys in Europe for the production of quality hydroelectric equipment and creating quality employment opportunities in the US. The Agreement with AEC for the Hudson River projects is a major step toward achieving both objectives.”