Alperia has announced it has acquired a majority stake in Hydrodata, and is launching Water 4.0 – a project with applications in both the hydroelectric and general water sectors.

In line with Alperia Group's 2020-2024 strategic plan, Alperia signed an agreement on 8 October to acquire 50.51% of the shares of Hydrodata S.p.A from Intecno. As an operator of 1700MW of hydropower, the acquisition strengthen’s Alperia’s internal structure and expertise in the field of technical services, and offers multiple possibilities for collaboration and synergy with Hydrodata, both in the development of its hydroelectric assets in South Tyrol and the launch Water 4.0. The collaboration with Hydrodata will allow Alperia to take part in future tenders for the reassignment of its hydroelectric concessions in South Tyrol, and create an innovation laboratory, based in Bolzano, for the development of projects relating specifically to water resources.

As well as collaborating with Alperia, Hydrodata will continue to operate independently on the national and international market of technical services to support organizations and operators in the sector. The renewed Board of Directors has appointed Eng. Dieter Theiner, Head of Engineering & Consulting of the Alperia Group, as the new CEO of Hydrodata S.p.A. and Eng. Aldo Porcelain, formerly CEO, as the new Chairman.

"The partnership project offers significant development opportunities to Hydrodata, which will expand its area of ​​intervention territorially with an enrichment of experience and professionalism.,” said Eng. Aldo Porcelain. “The creation of the Innovation Hub for hydroelectricity and the entire water sector that we will build in the coming months in Bolzano will become a centre for European excellence in a sector that has been waiting for a partnership of this type for too long. "