ALSTOM POWER HYDRO has announced the launch of a complete mini hydro solution. Named Mini-Aqua, the product has been developed to integrate the hydro turbine, generator and control system in a single and optimised product.

The Mini-Aqua range, using standardised components, has been designed for a broad range of head. The targeted delivery time is eight to ten months, depending upon size and model.

The control system used in Mini-Aqua is the Aqua, which provides all the necessary control, monitoring, voltage regulation, speed governing and electrical protection in one compact package, said the company.

For high head applications, Mini-Aqua incorporates Pelton type turbines, and high speed generators directly coupled to them. Two configurations are available: horizontal shaft, with one or two injectors; and vertical shaft, with four or more injectors.

For medium head applications, Mini-Aqua incorporates Francis turbines, with three configurations available. Choices are Francis horizontal shaft, single runner; Francis horizontal shaft, double runner; or Francis vertical shaft.

For low head applications, the product incorporates Kaplan turbines of the S type family, with generators coupled directly to it, or indirectly through a gearbox for larger outputs under a lower head. For very low head applications, Kaplan turbines are incorporated with high speed generators coupled indirectly through a gearbox.

According to alstom, first customer reactions are very positive, as demonstrated by the recent orders for 15 machines in Brazil, and two machines in Morocco.