Under the terms of the contract, alstom will design, manufacture and deliver four new 333MW Francis turbine runners for units 1-4 of the dam, and carry out the complete refurbishment and modernisation of two turbine-generator groups. The company will also supply several new components (ring gate, distributor, servomotors and turbine shaft) for unit 1 of the power plant, while refurbishing some of the existing components for units 2 and 3, and replacing 16 electronic governor systems. Commissioning of the first upgraded unit is scheduled for autumn 2013. The contract also includes an option for the supply of four more runners for units 4-8 and the refurbishment and modernization of six more turbine-generator units.

Centrale Robert-Bourassa is part of the facilities of Hydro-Quebec’s James Bay project, and together with the La Grande 2-A generating station it accounts for over 20% of Hydro-Quebec’s installed capacity.