China’s Sinohydro Corporation Limited has awarded Alstom a contract to provide electromechanical equipment and technical services to its Soubre Hydropower Project in Ivory Coast, Africa.

Under the terms of the deal, Alstom will provide three 90MW Francis turbine-generator sets, one 5MW Bulb turbine-generator set and related equipment. The scope of the contract covers the equipment’s design, manufacturing, installation supervision, commissioning, testing as well as site services. The equipment will be manufactured at Alstom’s hydro industrial site in China’s Tianjin city.

Located on the Naoua falls over Sassandra River, the Soubre Project is the largest hydropower project in Cote d’lvoire at present with a capacity of 270MW. The power plant will have an average annual output of 1100GWh.

This is the second cooperation between Alstom Hydro China and Sinohydro after the Bui project in Ghana, where Alstom supplied three 133MW turbine generator units).