RusHydro and Power Machines OJSС have completed large-scale renovation of hydraulic unit No. 10 at Cheboksarskaya HPP in a project that involved recovering rotating blade operation mode of the hydraulic turbine and replacing a stator of the hydraulic generator.

Following the renovation, the hydraulic turbine’s blades are now capable of changing an angle depending on flow rate and head, enhancing the operational efficiency of the hydroelectric unit, Power Machines said. At present, nine out of the eighteen hydraulic turbines of the plant have been turned to the rotating blade operation mode. The turbines also feature oil-free impeller hubs, eliminating the possibility of oil ingress in water.

The old stator included in the plant was assembled from six segments. Power Machines says the new stator features a core assembled into ring, with air clearance between the stator and the rotor. This has been designed to enhance operation, reduce vibration and extend the generator’s service life.

The new equipment was installed by a subsidiary company of RusHydro – Gidroremont-VKK JSC.

The renovation works on unit No 10 began in June 2014. It is the second unit on the plant to be upgraded to a rotating blade turbine – with Unit 2 having been completed in September 2015.

All turbines at Cheboksarskay are expected to be upgraded by 2025.