Eco Wave Power Global AB celebrates a significant milestone as the California Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy unanimously approves California Senate Bill 605 – the Wave and Tidal Energy Bill (“SB 605”) – late in June.

The bill's primary objective is to pave the way for California to harness a new source of clean and renewable energy, contributing to the state's ambitious carbon-free targets and enhancing its electric grid.

Having previously received unanimous approval in five separate policy committees, SB 605, proposed by Senator Steve Padilla (D-Chula Vista), tasks the California Energy Commission with collaborating with relevant state agencies to investigate the feasibility and potential of wave and tidal energy development in California. The commission is also directed to present its findings to both the California Legislature and the Governor within specified deadlines.

Furthermore, SB 605 urges the Energy Commission to incorporate wave and tidal energy pilot projects into the investment planning process for the Electric Investment Charge program. This program, established by the California Energy Commission, invests in scientific and technological research to expedite the transformation of the electricity sector to align with the state's energy and climate goals.

Senator Padilla expressed his enthusiasm for exploring every avenue of clean energy to achieve California's crucial climate goals. "Wave power is clean, consistent, predictable, and, with over 1,000 miles of shoreline, our state has a unique opportunity to capitalize on this untapped energy source," he stated. "We need to invest in innovation now to remain a leader in the clean energy future."

The legislation receives sponsorship from AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, a 35-acre ocean technology campus that hosts Eco Wave Power's first wave energy power station in North America. The upcoming pilot project, expected to be the first onshore wave energy station in the United States, is scheduled for installation in the coming months.

Inna Braverman, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eco Wave Power, expressed delight in the progress of the legislation, emphasizing the commitment California has shown to incorporate innovative renewable energy sources across the state. "We offer our continued support of SB 605 through the legislative process – every step forward brings us closer to building more sustainable infrastructure on California’s vast coast," she said.

Terry Tamminen, President and CEO of AltaSea, also stressed the significance of continuous innovation in policies, technologies, and financing for new clean and renewable energy sources to achieve clean air and a climate-resilient economy. Tamminen, who served as Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency under former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, believes SB 605 represents a critical step forward.

California's commitment to a carbon-free energy grid by 2045 is backed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's finding, indicating an energy potential of 140 TWh/year in the state. This is equivalent to powering 13 million homes or accounting for 69% of California's 2019 net electricity generation.

SB 605 recognizes the immense economic and environmental benefits wave and tidal energy could provide if developed and deployed at scale in California and the nation.

The momentum for wave energy in the US is not limited to California, as New Jersey is also making strides in this domain. Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak has proposed legislation, Bill AB 4483, aiming to encourage New Jersey's exploration of wave energy technologies on the state's coastline through funding feasibility studies and pilot programs. The bill awaits consideration from the New Jersey State Senate Environment & Energy Committee.