Axpo and Rhiienergie have inaugurated Switzerland's largest green hydrogen production facility, strategically situated at a hydropower plant site in Graubünden canton.

Located adjacent to the Reichenau hydropower plant in Domat/Ems (in which Axpo holds a majority stake), the newly unveiled facility boasts an annual capacity of 350 tonnes. It was opened following a year-long construction phase. 

The 2.5-megawatt plant produces up to 350 tonnes of green hydrogen a year, making it the largest plant of its kind in Switzerland. The hydrogen produced can replace the use of up to 1.5 million litres of diesel annually.

The plant’s green hydrogen is produced by water electrolysis, using green electricity from the adjacent hydroelectric power plant. The process is therefore entirely free of any CO2 emissions. The produced hydrogen is compressed in the plant, enabling its convenient delivery to refuelling stations and industrial customers in the future.

Christoph Brand, CEO of Axpo, emphasized the significance of green hydrogen while acknowledging the challenges ahead. "There are still a few hurdles to overcome, but we’re convinced of this green, sustainable and renewable energy carrier’s potential," Brand affirmed.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of prominent political and business figures, including Graubünden Cantonal Councillor Dr. Carmelia Maissen and National Councillor Martin Candinas.

Rhiienergie CEO Christian Capaul said: "I’m convinced that green hydrogen will play a key role in our future energy supply. With the plant here in Domat/Ems, Rhiienergie and Axpo have realised an impressive flagship project”.

Cantonal Councillor Dr. Carmelia Maissen, Head of canton’s Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Mobility, added, "The hydrogen plant fits perfectly with efforts to exploit the potential of green hydrogen in the Alpine region and the canton's endeavours to achieve its climate and energy goals."