Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd is carry out site preparation work for the start of construction of BC Hydro’s Site C hydro project after winning a major contract from the Canadian Utility.

The company’s scope of work will include constructing approximately 7km of access roads on the north bank of the Site C dam site, excavating about 2Mm3 of material. It will also produce and stockpile approximately 100,000m3 of aggregate material for use by other contractors at the dam site, and clear and grub approximately 55 hectares.

Work is expected to start this month with completion in June 2016, ready for the start of main civil works in early 2016.

BC Hydro will retain an independent environmental monitor who will audit and review compliance of the contractor’s work with the conditions of environmental approval, and report directly to the federal and provincial regulatory agencies.

BC Hydro is building Site C to meet the long-term electricity needs of its customers. Once built, Site C will provide clean, reliable and affordable electricity in BC for more than 100 years.

The contract for site preparation activities on the north bank of the dam site is one of several BC Hydro procurements for the Site C project. In late July, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure announced that A.L. Sims and Sons Ltd. was awarded the contract to improve public roads accessing the dam site.

In May, BC Hydro announced that Paul Paquette and Son’s Contracting was awarded the contract to clear the south bank of the Site C dam site, while in April is was announced that ATCO Two Rivers Lodging Group GP Ltd., a subsidiary of ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd., was selected as the preferred proponent for the Site C worker accommodation contract.

Other procurements underway include main civil works and turbines and generators.