CANADIAN UTILITY BC Hydro has announced record revenue of US$5.1B for the fiscal year 2001, an increase of US$2.9M on 2000. According to the company, the earnings were largely due to power sales to California, which experienced power shortages earlier in the year.

In it’s Annual Report 2001, however, the company indicated that the outlook for fiscal 2002 was not expected to be as strong in 2001. This is due to the anticipated impact of low snowpack levels and the projected low water inflows into the company’s reservoirs in 2002. The inflow levels, which are projected to be one of the lowest on record, will reduce the level of hydro generation and increase the use of higher cost sources of supply needed to meet demand.

The report also suggested that the company would be encouraging the development of micro hydro facilities. A list of more than 600 potential sites province-wide has been compiled, and the company is also working on a handbook that outlines standards and procedures for developing and installing micro hydro products.