The EIS describes the project rationale, potential effects and proposed measures to avoid or mitigate these effects. It also includes the benefits Site C would provide to customers, Aboriginal and northern communities and the province as a whole.
The proposed Site C project will help meet customer demand for both energy and dependable capacity. It requires environmental certification and other regulatory permits and approvals before construction begins. In addition to this, the Crown has a duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate First Nations.
The filing of the EIS begins an extensive, independent review process, including review by the government-led Advisory Working Group and an independent Joint Review Panel. The review includes opportunities for public input, including future public hearings under the Joint Review Panel.
If approved for construction, Site C on the Peace River would be a source of clean and renewable electricity in BC for more than 100 years, providing up to 1100MW of capacity, and producing about 5100GWh of electricity each year.