The British Hydropower Association (BHA) will lobby the government to get individual hydro projects incorporated into post-Kyoto agreements, and not have their contribution ruled out per se if they are over 10MW.

This was decided by members at the association’s AGM in Penrith on 24 January. The meeting also reviewed the launch of a new level to the Export Initiative that allows the BHA Export Council unprecedented access to the echelons of government through a partnership with the Hydro Advisory Panel (HAP), a power sector working group.

An environmental workshop set up at the meeting concluded that the BHA needed to work with the Environmental Agency and Department of Trade and Industry to come up with a set of consistent regulations governing best practice guides.

Concerns about the industry’s image were raised at a workshop for export issues. The association agreed to draw up a profile of the industry and use it as a backbone for a promotional package that will include a brochure or hydro paper for the government, site visits and advertisements.

The meeting included reviews of three different types of hydro projects, to demonstrate the diversity and technical intricacies of the industry. Keiron Hanson, the new BHA chairman, wrapped up the proceedings by re-affirming the strengths of hydro and outlining the opportunities available ‘to a stronger and united industry’.