The event, entitled ‘Delivering the next generation’, will highlight the interest and investment in the UK hydro industry both at home and abroad, along with the challenges facing the industry, from skills to financing, policy to regulations, planning and grid issues through to supply chain.

Papers are invited on three topics, outlined below.

The UK hydro mix

An up-to-date review of the types of hydro power available for development in the UK. This includes potential new capacity and methods of obtaining this. The roles that each type of hydro could and should take and what needs to be done to encourage development.

Types of hydro to be considered:

* Tidal impoundment and the Severn Barrage

* Pumped storage

* Micro hydro

* Conventional storage and run-of-river

* Hydro in water supply and wastewater systems.

This session will be part of the opening session with the keynote speakers in attendance.

Trouble at t’mill

The UK continues to encounter barriers to development of hydro despite the Government’s commitment to increasing generation from renewable sources. Topics can include:

* Planning

* Abstraction licensing and application charges

* The Renewables Obligation – what next?

* The public’s perception of hydro

* Initial equipment and upfront costs

* Innovative ways of overcoming barriers.

Keeping the wheels turning

This is an opportunity for suppliers of equipment and services to have their say.

* New markets and products

* Research and development

* Approach to global markets

* How to keep abreast of competition

* Innovations and designs

International visitors are expected to take part in this session.

Presenters are invited to submit a 200 word extract on any aspects connected with hydro power under the above topics. These should be sent no later than 14 July 2007 together with contact details to the BHA via email: or by fax to 01202 886609.