Bulgaria’s privatisation agency has announced that it has received offers for two hydroelectricity plants, the Sandanska Bistritsa cascade and Pirinska Bistritsa. The bidders for Sandanska Bistritsa include the Czech company Energo Pro with a bid worth US$33.057M, the Sandanska Bistritsa joint stock company offering US$33M, Energy WPP offering US$15M, and Mekamidi-Sofia with US$15M. The bidders for Pirinska Bistritsa are Pirin-2001, offering US$32M, Energy WPP

bidding US$15M and Mekamidi-Sofia offering US$15M.

In May Bulgaria announced that it had received bids for seven of the hydro plants slated for privatisation. However Bulgaria’s Prime Minister, Ivan Kostov, asked the privatisation agency in June to review the offers made and, if there were doubts about their fairness and transparency, to cancel the sale.