IWP&DC’s Yearbook 2002 should have reached readers’ desks by now. The 360-page publication will prove to be a valuable addition to bookshelves within the industry.

Readers will notice several changes this year. Still full of valuable data on dams and hydro plants worldwide, contract awards and the industry’s largest and most comprehensive Buyers’ Guide, additional sections in the 2002 edition includes: •Country overviews of dams and hydro power activity.

•Self-promotion tips.

•Guidelines on how to update Yearbook information for 2003.

•A photo competition and the opportunity to feature your project on the front cover of IWP&DC, plus win a year’s free subscription to the industry’s leading monthly publication. The competition closing date is 1 October.

The editorial team are working hard all year-round to update and add to data within the Yearbook. Additions and comments are welcomed at any time.

Subscribers to IWP&DC will automatically receive a copy of the Yearbook as part of their subscription package. Single copies can be purchased for US$184.

For more details about any aspect of the Yearbook please contact Tracey Kennett, Assistant Editor, on tel: +44 208 269 7767, or email: u-tkennett-wilmington-co-uk-u