The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has selected Black & Veatch as engineer of record responsible for the design and quality assurance of remediation work taking place at the Boone Dam on the South Holston River in Tennessee, US.

In 2014, TVA employees discovered a network of seepage pathways through the foundations of the dam which was built in the 1950s. The authority says it is committed to repairing Boone Dam as quickly, effectively and safely as possible. It has lowered water elevation at the reservoir while seepage mitigation measures are designed and implemented, with the dam and surrounding structures being continuously monitored to identify any potential issues or changes in condition as early as possible. Due to the impact of the lower water elevation on the region, TVA has expedited the project and construction work is in progress. The reservoir is expected to return to normal operation in five to seven years.

“TVA has been very proactive in addressing the restoration needs for Boone Dam to ensure it will continue to provide ample electric power and water supplies for regional residents," said Cindy Wallis-Lage, President of Black & Veatch’s water business. "We have a long history of effectively completing fast-track projects and our professionals will apply this expertise on this vital remediation work."