UK-based Bolina Booms has announced it is to provide log screen booms to help control debris at the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric plant in Mozambique.

Operated by Hidroélectrica de Cahora Bassa, the major hydroelectric plant is subject to severe fluctuations in levels due to rainfall and other weather conditions. To help combat problems with debris at the plant, Bolina said it utilised its LSB600 Log Screen Boom, which incorporates a subsurface mesh joined together to provide a seamless barrier for logs and debris, with full articulation provided between units. 

Bolina said that the unique tubular backbone of this boom system and the lug connections make the boom immensely strong without stressing the floats, which are fully demountable with the booms designed for continuous motion and heavy loads. 

A total of 380m of boom were shipped from the UK in containers to Cahora Bassa, together with a gate assembly designed by the Bolina team. The gate was included to allow the passage of maintenance boats either side of the boom and is the largest that Bolina had constructed to-date.

The work was supervised by Bolina field engineers but undertaken by local workers employed by the power company using readily available hand tools. The construction of the boom on site was completed and was then simply floated into place and secured in position, utilising the end connections from the previous boom. 

According to Bolina, the new boom has increased the operational efficiency of the plant and reduced the need for the maintenance team to clear debris from around the intakes.