Bolina, an Ecocoast company, has announced it is launching a new debris boom to protect critical infrastructure, including hydraulic structures.

The new high-strength debris boom delivers a breaking strength of 55 tonnes whilst maintaining a unique flush sided design, enabling it to control greater amounts of debris on larger, faster flowing rivers and over much greater areas, said the company. 

“We are excited to launch this new product to protect more critical infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. The development of this boom brings with it the opportunity to control greater amounts of debris on larger, faster flowing waterways than were previously considered possible with this type of boom,” explained Chris Rogers, Operations Manager. “The new Bolina debris boom ensures critical infrastructure is protected from the immense power of water carried debris, to effectively control it and reduce damage. We believe businesses around the world will benefit from this innovation.”

This new boom solution is much smaller than the original heavier series. It’s lightweight, which makes it more affordable to ship and transport to inland hydro dam facilities. It has also been designed to be simple-to-install; it can be constructed and installed on site from a comprehensive kit of parts using simple and readily available hand tools, while the production of all components of the boom is based in the UK. The reduction in size and weight does not compromise the strength and effectiveness of the boom as it is engineered from material that is strong and durable in the toughest environments, said Bolina.

Uncontrolled debris, be it human or natural, causes operational and maintenance problems for hydraulic structures. Booms from Bolina have helped to maintain power generation at some of the world’s major hydro dams such as the Kariba Dam in Zambia and the Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique (pictured).