Aneel has approved the study of the hydro power potential of the Xingu for the development of the long-planned Belo Monte scheme, in Para state. The Xingu is a major tributary of the Amazon in north Brazil.

The study identified a potential generation capacity on the river of 11,187MW for a reservoir size of 440km2. It added that the project was previously specified by the national energy policy council (CNPE), under Resolution 06/2008, as the only hydro power potential to be explored on the Xingu.

The report, and its approval, is a major step towards preparing for the auction of the project, noted Aneel.

Electrobras’ partners in the study were a joint venture of Camergo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez and Odebrecht.

Separarely, for the auction of the Baixo Iguacu scheme, in Parana state, the latest information for potential bidders is available following an update of the viability study. Based on the latest findings, the project is expected to have an installed capacity of approximately 350MW.

In addition to Baixo Iguacu, the auction package includes another two planned projects: Barra do Pomba (80MW) and Cambuci (50MW), both in Rio de Janeiro state.

The auction is scheduled on late August. Under the package, supplies of electricity are due to begin in 2013.