The BC Dam Safety Annual Report 2010/2011 summarizes the activities undertaken by the Provincial Dam Safety Program and reports dam owner compliance for the period April 2010 – March 2011 inclusive. Also provided is an update on the Rapid Dam Assessment last reported on in the October 2010 Report: Response to Recommendations Contained in the Report: “Review of the Testalinden Dam Failure”. An annual report was one of the recommendations fro the October 2010 Response report.

The report says that following the failure on 13 June 2010 of Testalinden Dam – a privately-owned earthen dam on a man-made reservoir on Testalinden Creek – the government placed a reemphasis and priority on dam safety. A number of improvements to the Provincial Dam Safety Program have been made, including completion of the Rapid Dam Assessment, prioritization and initiation of follow-up with owners whose dams were identified as requiring non-urgent action, the BC Dam Safety Regulation amendment, ongoing updating of the Dam Registry and greater access to information by dam owners, local governments and the public with tools such as iMap and Google Earth.

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The BC Dam Safety Annual Report 2010/2011