‘The fifth unit of the Bureya plant was launched June 26, and we will launch its sixth unit by the end of the year, which will complete the construction of the facility,’ said Anatoly Chubais, chief executive of Unified Energy System (UES).

The Bureya power plant, with a capacity of 2010MW, will supply electricity to new large developments in the Far East, including the development of the Garinskoye iron ore plant. In addition, the hydroelectric plant will help equalise the local power system and reduce the use of organic fuel.

The latest reports quoted Chubais as saying that UES planned to power up the plant’s output to its design capacity in 2008, a year ahead of schedule.

‘We earlier planned to bring the hydroelectric plant to full capacity in 2009, but a decision has just been made to commission it in 2008,’ Chubais said. ‘We have decided to speed up the launch.’