The scope-of-work under the new contract includes the removal, disposal and replacement of the deteriorated concrete and associated steel reinforcing bars that comprise the foundations located in the switchyard. The three-phase repair process will begin this summer and is scheduled to conclude by the end of 2014.

“The competitively bid contract award to BVR Construction is the first step in a three-year process to improve the switchyard at our Niagara Power Project, from where the facility’s electricity is dispatched to the power grid,” said Harry Francois, regional manager, Western New York. “The firm’s experience, safety record, resources, pricing and technical capabilities make it ideal for the pending switchyard work.”

A condition assessment for the foundation structures in the Niagara project switchyard was completed in 2010, identifying the need for NYPA to undertake repairs and replacements of the existing foundations. The work is required to prevent damage to the transmission infrastructure and to maintain a safe work environment for NYPA’s on-site personnel.

BVR Construction has been contracted by NYPA previously for several important projects, including the initial work on the repair of the Niagara switchyard concrete foundation in 2011, which involved the repair of 12 of the most critical tower foundations in the switchyard. Due to the nature of the upcoming construction, temporary supports will need to be installed, allowing BVR to capitalize on its past experience and utilize plans similar to the ones they designed and implemented in 2011.