calculations to THE end of 2000, estimate approximately US$7.63B has been spent on the Three Gorges project in China. Budget estimates suggest that the project is expected to cost about US$10.85B, without counting interest charges or inflation Approximately US$6.04B will be spent on construction of key works such as the dam, power generating stations and the ship locks. The remaining sum will be used for resettlement of local residents. Analysts say the project, when finished in 2009, could cost over US$22B when interest charges and inflation are factored in. Funding for the construction of the hydro project is being raised via a levy on electricity prices in most areas of the country, bank loans, debentures and foreign investment. Income is also expected from electrical generation when the first group of the generators are commissioned in 2003.

The project consists of a 1983m long and 185m high hydro dam with a generating capacity of 18,200MW.