As International Water Power & Dam Construction marks its remarkable 75th anniversary, we're thrilled to announce our May 2024 will be a special edition, containing a listing which will honour the most influential figures in hydropower – past and present.

Do you know someone whose contributions have reshaped the landscape of hydropower? Nominate them for inclusion in our prestigious list! Whether they're pioneers who laid the foundation for today's advancements, innovative thinkers driving cutting-edge technologies, or champions advocating for sustainability and environmental stewardship, we want to recognise their impact on this vital industry.

To submit your nominations, kindly send your entries to our Editor, Carrieann Stocks, via email at or simply reach out to her on LinkedIn. In your nomination, please briefly explain why you believe your nominee deserves to be recognised. Whether it's their groundbreaking research, transformative projects, or unwavering dedication to advancing hydropower, every contribution counts!