The 10MW scheme, which commenced production in December 2008, won the award with an overwhelming 38% of votes.

Designed by Aqualogus and owned by Hidrocentrais Reunidas S.A. (RP Global), the scheme uses water diverted from the Beca River, in the Douro River basin. It comprises a dam, low pressure circuit, surge tank, penstock and the powerhouse. The installed power of 10MW is accomplished with a turbine flow of 5.4m3/sec under a net head of 226m.

The dam is 14.8m high and has a crest length of 92m. The intake and bottom outlet are located on the left side.

The 80m long fish pass and the reserved flow outlet are on the right river bank. The lake created by the dam floods an area of 4ha.

The powerhouse has one horizontal Francis unit and is located near a river beach, close to Canedo village. The building was subject to a thorough architectural study, which focused on integration with the surrounding landscape and interaction with the visitors. The cubic building facade on the river side is accessed by a pedestrian route and has openings that allow a full view of the interior. The architectural study of the building was subject to a concept contest in an architecture college.

A detailed profile of the project will now be included in the December issue of the magazine, and the project developers will be presented with special award certificates.

The project will also be given a special section on our website, www,, where we will include numerous photographs of the scheme and any news/items of interest on the project.

Below you will find a link to further information on the scheme, together with details on the other nine shortlisted projects.

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