Caverion is to provide services for a project that will see capacity increased at Finnish utility Kemijoki Oy’s Seitakorva hydropower plant.

The project includes the renewal of the plant’s machinery and related electricity and automation systems and covers project management and project execution. As the main contractor in the project, Caverion is responsible for design of overhauls, industrial installations and management on site, among other tasks.

The project is part of the more extensive power capacity increase and basic overhaul of Kemijoki Oy’s machinery. In addition to productivity, the investments are designed to improve the usability and environmental footprint of the plants.

Preparations for the project site are already underway. The installation work is to commence in late summer and is due for completion in November 2014.

“The project is of high significance for Kemijoki Oy as it will make Seitakorva’s machinery one of the largest hydropower machines generating balancing power in Finland. In the new turbine rotation wheel water is now the lubricant instead of oil, making the plant increasingly eco-friendly," said Tuomas Timonen, President and CEO of Kemijoki Oy. "The joint project deepens our strategic partnership with Caverion. It combines the expertise of both companies and thus strengthens competence."

Image: Seitakorva power plant. Courtesy Kemijoki Oy