The biggest contract is to excavate the 5km long by up to 4.3m wide headrace tunnel for the Dambri project. Construction on the US$11.3M contract is scheduled to start later this month.

South Hydropower Joint Stock Co is developing the 75MW for an investment of US$80M. The plant will be located close to Da Huoai village, near Da Teh city in Lam Dong province, about 140km north east of Ho Chi Minh City. Cavico previously built the access road to the project site.

The contractor has also been awarded a US$3.5M contract to construct a dam for the A Luoi project, which will have an installed capacity of 170MW.

Last year, Cavico was awarded contracts to build the tunnel works on the US$202M scheme – involving a 11.6km long headrace and surge tank. The works are to take 40 months to complete.

The firm is working on a number of hydropower schemes in the country.