SMAGUA, THE SPANISH WATER technology show, will be held in Zaragoza, Spain (12-15 March 2002). In its 15-year history, SMAGUA has grown in popularity and become increasingly attractive to companies all over the world, according to conference organisers. Some 60% of the exhibitors at the last show were from outside Spain. This year it will incorporate the Environmental Show to provide a broader picture of water management.

Spain has a budget allotment from the government for new water infrastructure and the new National Irrigation Plan. When talking about the show, president of the SMAGUA Executive Committee and of the Ebro River Hydrographic Confederation, Jose Vicente Lacasa said that this allocation was indispensable as irrigation is the largest consumer of water in Spain. He added that it is helping to fulfill two of the most cherished ambitions of the Spanish government: to improve the standard of living in rural zones and repopulate small towns. Still, Lacasa said that Spain’s water supply remains inadequate and unequally distributed. ‘Every activity that involves water in any way must include planning, efficient use and protection of that resource,’ he said. ‘The challenge to the water industry itself is again to devote resources to ongoing R&D programmes and to make a sustained effort to remain competitive.’