The company noted that the Mombela project was its biggest international contract and represented a breakthrough in entering foreign markets. The project is jointly funded by the government of China and Nigeria, and its recent step forward followed co-operation talks in Africa.

Civils works in the Mombela hydro project include two RCC dams and an auxiliary dam, a CFR dam and auxiliary dam, three water diversion tunnels and an underground power house. The construction period for the project is six years and nine months, the company said.

The company was also awarded the contract to build the Tajan hydro project in Myanmar. Construction will involve excavation of two large tunnels, each 8m in diameter. The largest, 1.2km long bore, is expected to take 32 months to complete, it said.

Construction work has been completed on the 1.3km long Busan tunnel. The project proved complicated after difficult geology was encountered at the site. The contract period was two years, beginning late March 2005.