A CONSTRUCTION MANAGER WITH montgomery-watson-harza (MWH) has won a prestigious award for his contribution to work on the Three Gorges project.

The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China has honoured Ernest Mitchell, construction manager with MWH, with the Friendship Award -the top award given by the central government to foreign experts working to help China’s modernisation.

As chief concrete quality supervisor for the past two and half years at Three Gorges, Mitchell had direct management responsibilities for the owner’s field supervision and the contractors’ quality control staff. During that time Mitchell provided training programmes for field supervisors and assisted the site contractors with mass concrete placements, breaking the world record for concrete placed in one year (4.4Mm3 in 1999 and 5.48Mm3 in 2000).

Mitchell worked closely with all project supervisors and credits the project’s success to the support and co-operation of his Chinese colleagues.