The contract includes two STH-5DD diesel hydraulic driven raise climbers, which are to be used to drive two parallel pressure shafts of 400m height in 50 degree inclinations. Delivery of the climbers is scheduled for January 2005. Alimak is also to supply two service and safety climbers and provide on-site training.

The project is to include the reconstruction of the stone masonry gravity dam at the existing Baoquan reservoir, which is to be the lower reservoir of the power plant. On completion, the crest height of the dam will be 107m and the storage capacity will be 67.5Mm3.

The 1200MW Baoquan facility will be located on the Yuhe river in China’s Henan province some 80km from Zhengzhou.

An Alimak raise climber, two of which are to be supplied to the Baoquan pumped storage power plant in China