French renewable energy producer CNR has entered into a five-year partnership with Cosmo Tech, an AI Simulation and Enterprise Digital Twins software company. The collaboration aims to enhance CNR's asset management efficiency, supporting its strategic and tactical planning decisions with advanced AI-Simulation software.

The goal of integrating Cosmo Tech into CNR's operations is to aid in forecasting the impact of asset renewal and maintenance decisions on overall performance. This strategic partnership aims to optimize investments and enhance operational efficiency across CNR's diverse portfolio of hydroelectric and solar power plants, dams, and locks in France's Rhône Valley.

“Through 90 years of experience in producing renewable energy and developing the navigability of the Rhône river, CNR has continuously innovated and gained expertise in managing industrial equipment," said Mathieu Stortz, General Director at CNR. "Our choice of Cosmo Tech's AI Simulation capabilities marks a significant advancement towards supporting our 2030 strategy. This collaboration is set to increase the profitability of our capital-intensive industrial facilities and optimize the management of the Rhône's natural resources, further fortifying our role in the region’s energy transition.”

Cosmo Tech's software acts as a navigator for business decision-making, generating thousands of scenarios to predict various outcomes. This empowers CNR to simulate the impact of different actions on overall performance and make informed decisions to drive efficiency and sustainability.

”For the past 10 years, we have partnered with major asset-intensive manufacturers and energy players. They are all facing significant changes and modernization challenges with their aging assets in line with the accelerated energy transition. We have witnessed how navigating complexity and uncertainty with AI Simulation is a key to their success, significantly helping them drive transformation through asset management” said Hugues de Bantel, co-founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech.

CNR fulfills three roles for the Rhône river region in France: electricity production, navigation, and the irrigation of agricultural land. Its 49 hydropower plants, 59 solar plants, 19 dams and 59 wind farms, and 330km of navigable waterway between Lyon and the Mediterranean, industrial and port sites make it a key player in the energy transition of the region. Spread out along the Rhône Valley, these facilities also form a complex system where any action at one site can have an impact on the others, creating cascading effects across the Rhône Valley and affecting the river's flow, which must be maintained at a specific height, whatever the weather conditions.

Michel Morvan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech also added, “We are excited to provide CNR’s teams with the software to optimize their decisions, aligning all stakeholders on common objectives, with a clear and tangible vision of the impact of strategic and tactical decisions across CNR's operations. This partnership not only highlights the potential of AI Simulation in managing complex systems but also cements Cosmo Tech’s commitment to aiding sustainable transition in industry.