Eco Wave Power (EWPG Holding) has installed a new combined wave and solar system in the EWP grid connected wave energy power station in Gibraltar.

The company integrated eight solar panels on the surface of its eight floaters, with each panel having an installed capacity of 330 watts.

The equipment, installation and grid connection works of the solar panels have been carried out by Metaelect System, from Spain.

With completion of installation, Eco Wave Power will start long term testing of the newly installed equipment, with the vision of reviewing the possibility of integrating solar panels in all its future installations.

The Gibraltar project , co-funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund and the European Commission’s Horizon2020 program is a step towards the commercialization of the EWP technology, the company noted.

“Eco Wave Power was one of the first projects approved under the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund Programme,” Charles Collinson, director of European Union Programmes Secretariat, HM Government of Gibraltar explained. “The project was unique in both concept and achievements. It was able to create a pilot project for research and development of the most effective, unique and innovative wave power station within the jurisdiction of Gibraltar, together with all the inherent problems of space and lack of infrastructural support.

“The project is truly a success story of the ERDF programme. Not only achieving its’ initial targets but setting new standards in the renewable energy field.”

Inna Braverman, CEO of Eco Wave Power added: “We are very grateful for the productive collaboration with the Government of Gibraltar, ERDF, the European Commission and Gibelectric. Without their support and assistance, the progress achieved by Eco Wave Power would not have been possible. We are pioneering a new sector and are truly making a change! I would also like to thank the Eco Wave Power team and subcontractors, which remain passionate and committed even during these hard times with the Corona virus outbreak. 

“Even with the difficulties surrounding the outbreak, we were able to finalize wave simulation testing of our new Jaffa Port project and integrate solar panels into our operational power station in Gibraltar. I am beyond proud.“