The Ituango Hydropower Project, located on the Cauca River in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia, has successfully met and surpassed sustainability standards, according to an assessment conducted using the Hydropower Sustainability Standard (HSS). The project, which began construction on October 16, 2009, has an installed capacity of 2400MW.

Public comments are now invited on the assessment, which focused on the project's implementation stage and was carried out from October 31 to November 11, 2022. It revealed several positive aspects of the Ituango Hydropower Project's impact on the local community and environment.

One notable achievement highlighted in the assessment report is the project's contributions to labor and working conditions, as well as the improvement of livelihoods for community members. The project actively supported the Nutabe community in obtaining official recognition as an Indigenous Community, leading to enhanced opportunities and quality of life for its members.

Furthermore, the assessment found evidence of a robust emergency preparedness and response plan. The plan proved effective during a contingency in 2018 when significant downstream flooding and infrastructure damage occurred. Thanks to the well-executed plan, all community members were safely evacuated, underscoring the project's commitment to safeguarding the local population.

The Ituango Hydropower Project also demonstrated its commitment to environmental conservation. The assessment report highlighted the acquisition and restoration of more than 17,778 hectares of partially degraded tropical forest, showcasing the project's efforts to protect and preserve biodiversity. Additionally, the project expressed its intention to collaborate with Conservation International in establishing biodiversity corridors.

Overall, the Ituango Hydropower Project surpassed the minimum requirements in all environmental, social, and governance topics assessed, solidifying its commitment to sustainable practices.

Comments and feedback on the assessment report are welcome until Monday, August 21, 2023, as stakeholders continue to evaluate and provide input on the project's sustainability efforts.