Session chairman: Fred Ayer, Lukas & Ayer, US.

Strictly utilitarian approaches to uprating and refurbishment are a thing of the past. Developing or refurbishing hydro projects now requires recognition of, and an attempt to mitigate, impacts and interaction with other resources. Such an approach will involve a wider range of stakeholders and unearth non-engineering problems the industry has limited experience of dealing with. Panellists will describe environmental, social, financial and legal challenges to uprating and refurbishment; offering successful solutions to the problems.

Panellists: Bruno Trouille, montgomery-watson-harza, US; I M Sahai, consultant, India; Jim Patterson, IMPSA, US; Liz Hickson, Masons, UK; Phil Hoover, H&M Engineering, US; Lawrence Haas, Independent consultant, UK; R Freer, independent consultant, UK.

10.30-11.00 COFFEE


Chairmen: Fred Ayer, Lukas & Ayer, US, and Larry Haas, independent consultant and former team leader in the WCD secretariat, UK.

Panellists from the WCD session and Overcoming Barriers to Successful Refurbishment join together to hold a lively workshop to discuss successful techniques for overcoming environmental, social, financial and legal challenges to uprating and refurbishment projects. The audience is encouraged to bring questions from their own projects to challenge this international group of experts.

12.30-2.00 LUNCH

2.00-3.00 TECHNICAL PROGRAMME: International Focus on Uprating and Refurbishment

Session chairman: I M Sahai, Consultant, India.

Safe leakage of head gates – Francois Theoret, hydro-quebec, Canada.

Upgrading of a low head small hydro power plant using a tailor-made design – E Goede, University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Environmentally adapted technology for Kaplan runners. Development of oil free runners for new turbines and dry sump technology to minimise oil content in existing runners – K-E Värlind, ge-hydro, Sweden.

Upgrading pump-turbines at Nabara – K Shimmei, Chugoku Electric Power Co In, Hitachi Ltd, Japan.


Donal O’Leary, secretary general of the Hydro Equipment Suppliers Association; Geoff Sims, vice president of icold, consultant with Brown & Root, UK; Sue Pritchard, Editor, International Water Power & Dam Construction.
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