The 1.7MW Zrnovci plant – the last in the series of hydro schemes included in the ROT – was placed into operation at the beginning of 2010. The other schemes included in the project are: Dosnica (5.28MW), Kalimaci (12.48MW), Matka (10MW), Pena (3.1MW), Pesocani (3.68MW), Sapuncica (3.2MW).

Hydropol Project & Management a.s. was awarded the tender for the ROT Project in 2002, and construction work started in 2005. The project was carried out by the Hydropol’s local subsidiary, MacHydro Co. AD.

The main aim of the ROT project was to increase the installed capacity of existing power plants, improve their technical and economic efficiency, including the reliability indicators, and increase the total annual energy production as the most significant parameter. The Matka plant was a new build project, with the other power plants completely refurbished.

The reconstruction process was divided into individual stages, and synchronized with the hydrological conditions at the sites, to allow the projects to continue operations during a significant part of the reconstruction works

Hydropol will now continue to provide operational and maintenance services for all seven hydro power plants until 2013.