The work is being done under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as part of the funding provided to the US Department of the Interior, including the Bureau of Reclamation to among other things, restore aging infrastructure and repair aging dams. Improvement work at Upper Stillwater Dam will include resealing concrete control joints on top of the dam to provide long-term protection for the concrete surface; and installation of a new spiral staircase which connects the upper and lower galleries used for monitoring and inspection of dam.

“This contract will provide for important improvement work that is essential to maintaining our nation’s aging infrastructure,” said Michael L. Connor, USBR commissioner. “These improvements will ensure that Upper Stillwater Dam can be appropriately monitored and remain in good condition.”

Upper Stillwater Dam is part of the Strawberry Aqueduct and Collection System component of the Central Utah Project which brings water to Utah’s populous Wasatch Front for agriculture and municipal and industrial use.