Under the contract, Power Machines will prepare 10 turbine generator units each with a capacity of 640MW and six excitation systems. Specialists from the company will also demonstrate installation monitoring services and carry out set up and initial operation work.

Production of the first unit is planned for January 2011 and additional production will be carried out on two to two-and-a-half month intervals. In total, six new hydro-units will be produced in 2001, with the remainder scheduled for 2012.

The new hydro-units’ operational lifespan will be up to 40 years – a 25% increase compared to previous units – and they will operate at 96.6% efficiency. The turbines will be fitted with more effective protection to enable automatic work stoppages when output exceeds the regimes’ limits. The capacity of the new hydro-units will be within the same limits as those that previously operated at the hydro power plant

Power Machines is currently working on fulfilling a large order for the Boguchanskaya hydro power plant, which will see the company deliver nine 333MW turbine generator units. Bringing the Boguchanskaya units on line is seen as the most effective way of quickly replacing capacity lost at Sayano-Shushenskaya, following the fatal accident which occurred on 17 August.

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