The Ramada Suites in Atlanta, Georgia, US, will host the next Corona Technology course which takes place on 10-11 September 2001.

The course will address the present need for the dissemination of knowledge about the causes of corona and arcing or flashover conditions in the high voltage industrial and electric utility environment.

Literature from all corona detection manufacturers is welcome and will be distributed.

The course will consist of approximately 12 hours of technical classroom time with James R Booker, president of US-based J R Booker Consulting, who has spent the past 30 years working in the field and at distribution voltage facilities through ultra high voltage testing laboratories, consulting and analysing test results for stationary and portable equipment.

The remaining classroom time will be spent undertaking ’hands-on’ training and learning all of the latest technologies in test equipment for detecting corona.

The course will also involve a tour of the NEETRAC high voltage test facility at Georgia Technology in Forest Park, Georgia. Shuttle bus transportation will be provided.

For further information and to register for the technology course, visit schd1100.html •See the October 2000 issue of IWP&DC (pp14-15 ‘Daytime exposure for corona’) for more details on advancing corona technology in the hydro industry.