CorPower Ocean has announced the resumption of its deployment program for the C4 Wave Energy Converter. After experiencing cable damage at the Aguçadoura wave energy site in Portugal, the company has successfully recovered and refurbished the electrical export cable, allowing operations to resume.

During this period, CorPower Ocean focused on testing the methods for connecting and disconnecting the C4 device to the UMACK anchor. The company has verified innovative techniques for this process, aiming to improve efficiency and reliability.

The next phase of the program involves thorough testing of the C4 device's safety, control, and grid functions. Once these tests are successfully completed, the device will be connected to the Portuguese grid, marking an important milestone in utilizing wave energy as a viable power source.

“We are pleased to progress the C4 deployment program, after having the Agucadoura site back in operation,” commented CorPower Ocean's CEO, Patrik Möller. “Developing new and disruptive technology is an endurance sport and a discipline we have been honing through a carefully structured verification program for more than a decade. As we work to introduce a new power source to the world our everyday life consists of problem solving and removing various obstacles, both big and small. Often this involves auxiliary functions not directly related to the core technology, with the export cable being a recent example. We always try to plan for the unplannable, and to be prepared to address new challenges along the way in a methodical manner.”

The certification of the C4 technology with DNV, a leading industry supervisor, is currently underway to ensure its reliability in the marine environment. Global Maritime is also involved as the Marine Warranty Surveyor to ensure compliance with offshore standards during marine operations.

The C4 Wave Energy Converter incorporates unique solutions that provide natural protection against storms and employ advanced control technology for optimal power capture in regular ocean conditions. With quick connections for power export and data communication, the device can be easily integrated into on-land substations for remote monitoring and control using a SCADA system.

CorPower Ocean's long-term goal is to establish efficient operations and maintenance methods for wave energy farms. Through the HiWave-5 demonstration project, it aims to position wave power as a competitive and mainstream energy source.