The 13th unit of CTG Brasil's Jupiá hydroelectric power plant has commenced commercial operation, setting a new record for the shortest technical transformation period among major hydroelectric units in the country.

This milestone represents the culmination of the second phase of technical transformation at Jupiá. Leveraging insights from the successful trial of the 3rd unit, CTG Brasil implemented refined project lifecycle management measures and cutting-edge technologies, ultimately achieving its 12-month planned working time objectives.

Situated along the Paraná River, between the cities of Andradina and Castilho (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS), the Jupiá plant features a sluice managed by the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT). This sluice facilitates navigation and the integration of waterways between the Paraná and Tietê rivers.

Jupiá began construction in 1961. The plant's first three generating units entered operation in 1969, symbolizing a new era of economic growth in the region and fostering connectivity between the river systems of the Paraná River and São Paulo's road network, as well as the Midwest region of the country.

With 14 generating units totalling 1551.2MW of installed power, Jupiá features a dam measuring 5,495m in length and 42.5min height, while its reservoir spans an area of 330km².

The project has been undergoing a comprehensive modernization process since 2019, alongside the Ilha Solteira hydropower plant.