CVA’s assets include 35 power stations of which five are dams, 26 are hydroelectric plants and four are photovoltaic stations; exceeding in total a power capacity of 920 MW. CVA Trading belongs to the CVA Group, which is 100% owned by CVA S.p.a.

“We were looking for a platform that would support CVA as we increase trade volumes, expand into additional European markets, and implement new business processes in our trading organization,” said Stefano Danna, Trading Department Chief of CVA Trading. “We quickly realized that the Allegro technology offered the detailed analysis of positions, effective risk controls, process efficiency, and flexibility we need to support our business growth.”

As CVA expands its trading both geographically and in terms of volume, Allegro 8 is expected to provide the following:

• Increased transparency and process efficiency with fully integrated physical and financial transactions and analysis

• Improved risk management with audit trails and reliable risk controls with the ability to evaluate mark-to-market, credit VaR, cash flow at risk, earnings at risk, and profit at risk

• Enhanced market decision making with trade analytics including simulation, P&L, and the ability to implement and monitor limits (by trader, trade book, or product)

• Increased trader productivity with real-time connectivity to principal platforms via Allegro’s Exchange Connect component

• Improved data security and management with single repository and portfolio valuation

• Greater productivity through seamless integration with internal accounting system with Allegro’s ERP Connect component

• Improved process control through an automated deal life-cycle across front, risk and back offices with rapid trade input, advanced analysis, and customized reporting