Risk assessment has the potential to radically improve the way dam safety improvements are evaluated and prioritised. Dam Risk Assessment: A Guide is one of the most comprehensive treatments to date of how to apply the risk assessment process to the evaluation of dam safety.

The 600+ page book has been described as both a practical reference manual for engineers conducting risk assessments and a ground breaking discussion of the theoretical considerations which must be understood in order to conduct legitimate, defensible risk assessments.

The principle focus of the guide is risk analysis as part of a formal risk assessment process. It is intended to provide a basis for dam owners to establish their own Standards of Practice for risk-based management of the safety of their dams in accordance with established principles of professional engineering practice. In developing a solid understanding of risk analysis through the use of the Guide, owners can then develop various simplified approaches to meet their individual needs.

The Guide, which is divided into three parts – Guiding Principles, Commentary and Theory – will be available in book format in the fall of 2003 at a cost of about US$180.

For more information on how to obtain Dam Risk Assessment: A Guide please contact Alex Mogilevsky, CEA Technologies on email: mogilevsky@ceatech.ca or tel: +1 514 866 5372, fax: +1 514 904 5038.