Readers should have now received their redesigned December issue of International Water Power and Dam Construction.

Just as design is a critical element in all hydro power and dam projects, it is equally important to journals. So, as the industry’s leading monthly publication, we wanted to ensure that we deliver the information you need in the most accessible form.

The content of IWP&DC remains the same: the editorial team will still bring you our unrivalled combination of news, indepth analysis and technical articles. We have also given clear links to this website to ensure that you do not miss any of the industry’s breaking news.

IWP&DC and should be seen as your forum. So feel free to keep us informed of your project’s progress or voice your opinions on any issues affecting the industry. Send a letter to the editor, suggest an article or give a news update on your project or company activity. We’re also interested to hear your comments on the redesign.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sue Pritchard, Editor

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