Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has joined Korea South-East Power Company (KOEN), Korea Overseas Infrastructure & Urban Development Corporation (KIND), and International Financial Corporation (IFC) to participate in the Upper Trishuli-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant construction project in Nepal.

The company signed a KRW 400 billion contract with special-purpose corporation Nepal Water & Energy Development Co (NWEDC) in late October. NWEDC is 50% owned by KOEN, 25% by KIND, and 15% by IFC

Located near the Trishuli River, 70km north of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu,  Upper Trishuli-1 is a 250MW hydroelectric project which is expected to be completed over five year. Under the terms of its contract, Doosan will be responsible for the manufacturing and supply of the main components, including the turbine and power generator, as well as the construction of the power plant.

Also in late October, Doosan signed an MOU for business cooperation with KOEN for the 215MW Asrit-Kedam hydroelectric plant in Pakistan, for which construction is scheduled to start at the end of 2022.